Surefoot Bathboard

The Surefoot bathboard for The Helping Hand Company was the first complete product I designed in its entirety from scratch. The brief was to design a brand new bathboard which incorporated locking suckers for added perception of safety. These suckers needed to adjust to suit any bath and they needed to be locked in position using … Continue reading Surefoot Bathboard



The bilateral jaws needed redesigning to improve grip on certain items such as carrier bags and large plastic bottles. These jaws are used for both litter clearance and as domestic living aids so consideration for both applications was crucial. I made the jaws slightly shorter to give better mechanical advantage but without affecting the opening … Continue reading Arthri-Grip


Babydri is a novelty baby hair dryer, designed for Janet Theodore of Tip Top Kids LLC in collaboration with Paul Byass of The Design Orchard. I was responsible for the concept development and surface modelling of the shell.  


Matryoshka is a drum kit where each drum "nests" inside the others like Russian dolls (Matryoshka) to make transportation and storage far more convenient. As a drummer in a band that regularly played at different venues, I wanted to design a kit that would make the job of lugging around and setting up the kit much … Continue reading Matryoshka


Brief: Design a CD player that compliments contemporary interior design and furniture I took the brief one step further and actually incorporated the player into a piece of furniture to make the Digitable the ultimate in convenience in a living room setting. It also made sense to extend the functionality to include DVD playback. I … Continue reading Digitable

Oi! Sandwich

Oi! Sandwich is a blue-skies sandwich display unit concept with gravity-fed sandwich channels and a sushi-bar style rotating conveyor belt. It was designed to provoke thought around the display of lunch items in supermarkets in order to add "theatre" and inspire ways to allay crowding in the lunch-hour rush. The channels allow sandwiches to slide to … Continue reading Oi! Sandwich

Dairy Tray

The Dairy Tray is a returnable transit packaging solution for the majority of yoghurts and creams for the supermarket dairy section. The pots would be inserted by the suppliers and sent through the supply chain and placed straight on the shelves. Once emptied they would be sent to regional sites for washing and distribution back to … Continue reading Dairy Tray


This project for Contour Aerospace involved re-engineering an existing seat to fit on narrow-bodied aircraft, while maintaining its functionality and style. My responsibility was to redesign the seating and outer casing from the ground up around the new frame, with aerospace regulations in mind. I also redeveloped the back side to give more space to the passenger, … Continue reading Kupe


"How do you get orange juice from an Apple?" The iJuice is a juicer I designed for the company then known as Apple Computer, Inc. This was a university project that focused on identity. The brief was to design an unusual product for a well know company that conveyed their brand image through styling and function. The iJuice … Continue reading iJuice