This project for Contour Aerospace involved re-engineering an existing seat to fit on narrow-bodied aircraft, while maintaining its functionality and style.

My responsibility was to redesign the seating and outer casing from the ground up around the new frame, with aerospace regulations in mind. I also redeveloped the back side to give more space to the passenger, and developed a new styling element around a fixed monitor.

For evaluation I built ergonomes to represent the extremes of the customer base.

Aerospace Interior Concepts

These concepts were created in a matter of hours as last-minute additions to major tenders.

Combination down-light and directional reading light
Combination down-light and directional reading light

This combination down light and reading light was designed to be serpent-like to suit the style of an Asian airline first-class seat.

These split controls for a premium economy seat concept wrap over the arm-rest to allow the seat to be controlled more easily from the fully flat bed mode. I redesigned the graphics and produced mock ups for an international trade show.

Pop-up mini bar. Yes these thing exist
Pop-up mini bar. Yes, these things exist

At the touch of a button the panel opens and the mini-bar containing chilled drinks and glasses rises up from the sideboard in this first-class suite design.