Rear Filled Grocery Display

Rear fill

The concept of a supermarket that can be replenished from behind the shelves is a long-term goal that offers many advantages; customer are left to shop unobstructed and replenishment can take place during the day instead of at night. Of course there are also many challenges in terms of space efficiency and practicality that need to be explored.

This concept sketch shows how a fresh grocery display fixture that allows extra stock of trays to be replenished from a corridor behind the fixture. The trays can then be drawn forward easily from the front when the empties are removed.

Contour Aerospace Tender Concepts

These concepts were created in a matter of hours as last-minute additions to major tenders.

Gel Handle and Ratchet Trigger


This project for Contour Aerospace involved re-engineering an existing seat to fit on narrow-bodied aircraft, while maintaining its functionality and style.

My responsibility was to redesign the seating and outer casing from the ground up around the new frame, with aerospace regulations in mind. I also redeveloped the back side to give more space to the passenger, and developed a new styling element around a fixed monitor.

For evaluation I built ergonomes to represent the extremes of the customer base.

Surefoot Bathboard

The Surefoot bathboard for The Helping Hand Company was the first complete product I designed in its entirety from scratch.

The brief was to design a brand new bathboard which incorporated locking suckers for added perception of safety.  These suckers needed to adjust to suit any bath and they needed to be locked in position using a single quick-release lever.


During my time at The Helping Hand Company I redesigned the jaw component of their bilateral grabbers to give greater mechanical advantage and introduce an interlocking serrated grip. These jaws are used on their domestic reacher range and in their outdoor litter-picking range, and had to be appropriate for both uses.

My other task on the Arthri-Grip was to reverse-engineer the handle and cuff support assembly so that new tooling could be made. This involved precise measurement and complex surfacing to accurately recreate its undulating geometry.


Babydri is a novelty baby hair dryer, designed for Janet Theodore of Tip Top Kids LLC in collaboration with Paul Byass of The Design Orchard. I was responsible for the concept development and surface modelling of the shell.


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