Oi! Sandwich

Oi Sandwich

Oi! Sandwich is a blue-skies sandwich display unit concept with gravity-fed sandwich channels and a sushi-bar style rotating conveyor belt. It was designed to provoke thought around the display of lunch items in supermarkets in order to add “theatre” and inspire ways to allay crowding in the lunch-hour rush.

The channels allow sandwiches to slide to the front to ensure they are always visible and easily reachable. 1The conveyor allows customers to stand in front of the display and make a choice from the selection as they pass by, rather than crowding and fighting over each other at peak times. It also provides a place to put back unwanted items and creates a intriguing point of interest.

Rear Filled Grocery Display

Rear fill

The concept of a supermarket that can be replenished from behind the shelves and out of customer’s way is a long-term goal that has many challenges in terms of space efficiency and practicality.

The sketch above shows how a fresh grocery display could be arranged to allow extra stock of trays to be replenished from a corridor behind the fixture. The trays can then be drawn forward easily from the front when the empties are removed.

Dairy Tray

The Dairy Tray is a returnable transit packaging solution for the majority of yoghurts and creams for the supermarket dairy section. The pots would be inserted by the suppliers and sent through the supply chain and placed straight on the shelves. Once emptied they would be sent to regional sites for washing and distribution back to suppliers. This would reduce the amount of card consumed in the system, and provide a more stable and secure platform for transportation.

I made cosmetic improvements while considering mouldablity, and created visualisations to help determine how the tray would affect branding and on-shelf look and feel.

A further development to the Dairy Tray incorporated a pull-forward device for fresh goods such as salad bowls. See it in action here.